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“I have repeatedly asked for more time with the children but Aryn, who insists that all of our communications be strictly through counsel which results in unnecessary delay and costs, has either ignored my requests or flatly refused without explanation,” Williams’ filing stated.

“I am therefore requesting a Court order for a joint physical custody parenting plan …

Those who know Trump, including physicians, say they aren't worried about him."The guy is not a health nut, but he's always in motion," says Chris Ruddy, the CEO of the media company Newsmax, who has known Trump for 20 years.

Ruddy says Trump will often chide him if he "needs to lose a few pounds," and is always monitoring his own weight.

Ultimately, the actress acknowledged media scrutiny of her personal life is par for the course.

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He concluded that the data "seemed fairly reassuring.

Donald Trump faces another testing time this week amid a myriad of challenges over healthare and tax reform while fighting off revelations about his campaign's contact with Russians.

Video provided by The Street But President Trump’s attitude toward diet and exercise isn’t simply a personal issue. Already his administration has relaxed nutritional standards on school lunches and he has yet to name any members of the president’s fitness council. USA TODAY reported recently that neurologists say Trump shows most symptoms of sleep deprivation — including diminished cognition and anxiety — and a June report shows exercise is the single best medicine for a good night’s sleep.

so that Aryn will no longer be the sole, unregulated gatekeeper of my custodial time with our children.” Williams took to Twitter on Tuesday afternoon, cryptically tweeting, “Desperate times call for desperate measures.” In July, the duo were spotted leaving a movie theater together in Los Angeles’ West Hollywood neighborhood.

The relationship news came three months after Williams officially split from Drake-Lee.

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