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Gold would handle it, I followed him in the elevator down to the first floor. We made many friends there and when the restaurant was sold to Larry Snyder, we were happy that he kept the standards high and traditions alive. Two old-time memories come to mind from Valentino’s (35th and Holdrege) many years ago.Joyce Standley was there for many years and was always a good friend. The first was their original dining room, which was a small space that was recently used as a takeout area.

I can't imagine a mother today leaving her children alone in a big store.At Gold’s, she always gripped my hand tightly as if she feared I might be swept away by the tides of humanity flowing past us.One day, while waiting for an elevator, an older, well-dressed man with a flower in his lapel approached and warmly greeted my grandmother by name, Mayme.In the late ‘30s my family would occasionally travel from York to Lincoln to shop.When we heard that M & P was installing an escalator (the first in Nebraska) from the first to second floor I practiced going up only one stair step and standing still, so that I would be ready for the big adventure.

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