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"This is its own show; it's not Scream dialogue or Dawson's Creek's heightened psychobabble.

We're staying true to the book and to its characters, but at the same time these characters live in the real world.

They got engaged in season 7A, and eagle-eyed fans spotted actress Lucy Hale wearing what appears to be a wedding veil in a behind-the-scenes shot.

It looks like Ezria is heading toward a happily-ever-after ending, but it's worth remembering that they've been a problematic couple since the start.

"Really quickly we move on to telling stories about the town and looking at who this vampire is who comes there and stirs everything up." Secondly there's Williamson's involvement.

"The premise was exactly the same: girl falls in love with vampire, and I felt that it had been done and that nobody was going to do another vampire story.

Yet interestingly the only person who wasn't quite so sure about getting involved was Williamson himself.

After a lean decade which saw him strike out both on film, with infamous horror flop Cursed, and on the small screen, with swiftly cancelled shows Hidden Palms and Glory Days, he admits that he was initially wary about using The Vampire Diaries to mark his return to the small screen.

Whether it's his gleeful desire to seemingly corrupt every person in the small town of Mystic Falls, male or female, young or old, or his knowing use of camp props such as crows to signify his bad intentions, Damon comes across as a vengeful vampire version of Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass and in doing so proves that while any teen show needs a good love story, they're nothing without a good villain to keep the plot moving along.

That's not to say that the central love story is a bad one.

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