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The houses at numbers 41 and 42 were built between 15, and were preserved from the Great Fire because they were enclosed by the wall of the priory of St Bartholomew.

St Bartholomew's gatehouse that leads to the oldest parish church in London - St Bartholomew-the-Great - was built in the sixteenth century and is where Queen Mary ate chicken and drank red wine while watching Protestant martyrs burn at the stake.

These figures are to be found in various parts of London, on the walls of school buildings.

This would mean that this church once had a school for girls and boys.

Ask any visitor to London what is the biggest clock in London and you will most likely get the answer Big Ben.

Big Ben - the official name being St Stephen's Tower - is the most famous of the London clocks.

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They were moved during the rebuilding of the area after heavy bombing during the Second World War.His widow kept adding to them until they ceased with no. Another hidden corner of London is the street by the name of Cloth Fair, which runs by the side of West Smithfield.It has these two buildings that have survived the Great Fire of London in 1666.John, his sons and grandson were millers producing stone-ground wholemeal flour.The Ashby family operated the mill, which became known as Ashby's Mill for the whole of its working life.

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