Paradise dating agency

The experience has really showed me that sometimes we are too quick to tick-box who we think we want.Neither of us was focused on looks because we weren’t each other’s usual type, and so it all fell on personality.After we posed the question that plagues so many single women: where have all the good men gone? So, for this week’s blind date, we sent Laura Hall, one of the women profiled, on a date with Jean-Paul Noel-Cephise, who has also struggled to find a soulmate.

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On our first date, I soon realised he is a really fun guy, and we both talked about everything from my pet hate, scientifically inaccurate sci-fi movies, to our taste in music. He joked that it must be awful to watch sci-fi with me as I would point out all the faults, and I poked fun at him, picturing him dancing rumba around the house.

When Laura walked into the room, she brought great energy with her.

There was definitely chemistry and I fancied her right from the start.

We’ve both had a hard time dating in the past — but JP said he didn’t want to talk about other girls, which I appreciated.

But we did talk about men’s and women’s approaches to relationships.

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