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“In our contemporary lives, we have internet, there are cameras everywhere — everything is controlled,” Pombo Nabais said.

I had a gift certificate – they give those out at Christmas – to Indigo. It looked old and beautiful and sort of undiscovered. I built a house with Habitat near Braga, too, enjoying cheap chocolate mix powder mixes and ugly coffee at every morning, just down the hill from the construction site. That’s made the country better today, more beautiful today. The Rising Cock is an institution, much like The Pink Palace in Corfu or Kabul in Barcelona. I’ve been back there since – in 2012 – and it’s still in my throat.

Yet the Portuguese styles stayed the same for decades.

One tattoo, dated 1882, has the characteristic mash-up of the erotic and the innocent.

Of note, one guy told his doctor he regretted getting the sex scene on his arm.

If you’re reading this in 2030, Indigo was a chain of bookstores and a meeting place for the fake-sophisticated that was erased by the Internet and Amazon. And when I told other people about it – when I said, “Man, the ” – they’d look at me like, “Why? (Like when you discovered the Arctic Monkeys before your friends. And then at lunch, we had soup and slashed meat and juice. There’s a burger joint just next to, called Nah Nah Bar.

(In case Amazon is something wildly different in 16 years, I’m not talking about the jungle in South America. I’ll move on.) For some reason, the country captivated me. I was always imagining myself relocating at some point in the future, because I was 18 then and the future was actually the future – it was in front of me, not behind me or right on top of me like it is now. Like when you just knew Russell Wilson would win a Super Bowl with Seattle before he fell to the third round.) They’d suggest New York instead. And because I was living in Ontario, there was no shortage of pull from the Irish or Polish or Italians, either. I’m sure the locals who prepared it for us thought it was gross and easy and nothing special, but that’s what made it unique. I caught a ride down south with a married couple, stopping at Coimbra on the first day. You could walk around the fortress’s walls and look over the valley below it, and then go suck back your dinner in some underground-ish restaurant that couldn’t find more than 20 people, including the cook. There are clubs and booze barrels all over town, like Three Monkeys and Inside Out. If you want to have sex, you’ll more than likely have an opportunity.

Visitors can see how doctors were studying tattooed patients as part of the then-emerging field of sociology.

“There was this kind of medical-anthropological-psychological hypothesis that we could have the prototype, the portrait, of the criminal,” Pombo Nabais said.

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