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The style of the poem does not resemble that of the epigrams in general; no wonder, in view of the different nature of its content. 9 uses in a trimeter the epic form of the name: Why? But even in a tragic trimeter one would not expect this epic form. Williams for valuable comments on the first draft of my paper, and Sir John Beazley and Mr D.

Diels, 15, the ‘parallels’ are of little significance. prunkvolle Sprache durchaus nicht verschmäht’; but that might be due to the comparative similarity of their subject-matter. Neil in his commentary (Cambridge, 1901; a book that deserves to be better known outside England than it is).

It does to a certain degree resemble that of the epigrams on the Pharos and the Arsinoe temple (frs. Was the epic form of this name regularly used during the fifth century, perhaps because the person in question was best known from epic verse of some sort? The Muses are at home on Helicon, but they were born, according to the best authorities, in Pieria; Schott (p. I would also like to thank Sir Maurice Bowra, Professor R.

And the erotic syntax of the epigram by Posidippus evokes, I think, the original words of Sappho herself in describing the torrid bodily contact between her ‘charming’ brother and his beautiful lady love.

Thus the words of the epigram, in capturing the embrace of brother and courtesan, will be telling forever the tale of the lady with the rosy complexion—a tale also told by the name of Rhodōpis. Such a tale as told in the epigram of Posidippus would have a special meaning in the Greek-speaking city of Naucratis in Egypt.

We are about see a reference to the rosy complexion of Dōrikha, and this reference is I think a subtle allusion to the name Rhodōpis.

Here is the wording of the epigram: | so long as there are ships sailing the waters of the Nile, heading out toward the open sea. Austin and Bastianini, quoted in Athenaeus 13.596c At verse 4 of this epigram, the adjective can be interpreted as ‘having one’s complexion make contact with someone else’s complexion’.

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