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Upload your picture and create your dating profile now. As the search perimiters in previous days were located 6 and 8 miles away from Bobo’s home, where items of hers are believed to have been recovered, it begs the question, why would the focus turn to nearly 2 miles away from the Swan Johnson address of the Bobo’s, to Myracle Town Rd, in the opposite direction?Do investigators think the suspect has been trying to send them in the opposite location by planting evidence?Among the community that has banded together *like*no*other* in recent memory, are weary searchers, volunteers and the families that live without them, for days on end. I have spoken to many of you in the field, and I know that in an active investigation, there is so little to keep you motivated and strong.Your community is a very spiritual one, as is Holly Bobo’s family.

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