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With My Space, we didn’t worry about having an aesthetically pleasing feed, summarizing our thoughts in 140 characters or making sure we “looked professional.” The only thing we had to worry about was choosing our profile song or figuring out who was going to be in our top eight.

This may be the trickiest part and the one that seems to be like finding a needle in a haystack - where do people put their page formatting? My Space Text - change the color of the text on your My Space profile.Creating cutomized myspace pages for your profile is a unique way to show your personality and interests.Once you get the hang of updating your codes, you can change your profile as often as you'd like. Please see the section above for information on how to apply these backgrounds and layouts to your myspace page or profile. Check back often for new updates and other free layouts.Myspace is known for it's ability to allow users to customize their profile backgrounds with various images and layouts, based on thier personalities.If you would like to use on of the layouts featured on this page of wedding layouts for myspace, follow these simple instructions.

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