Updating wsus

It seems like there ought to be some glue that brings the two together because, otherwise, you need to deploy the OS image, update it manually, then recreate it.

The bad news is, no such glue exists out of the box.

We have illustrated the importance of keeping Windows Defender up to date, this is done when we integrate Windows Defender with WSUS and Windows Update.

No more logging on to each computer to initiate the update installation.

Hi We have a WSUS server 6.2.9200 running on windows 2012 Standard and about 500 PCs using it for updates. About half of PCs updating fine but there are a lot with Updates with errors and/or Updates needed.

If I check particular PC I find that number of failed updates on the PC is different from what it shows in WSUS.

This window will show the virus and spyware definition versions, as well as when they were last updated.

This can be achieved if we integrate Windows Defender with WSUS and Windows update, which we’ll show you how to do here in Windows Server 2016.

Sometimes you’ll run into a situation where two pieces of Microsoft software don’t play well together, or in a way that would be convenient from the user’s perspective.

Such is the case with Windows Deployment Services and Windows Server Update Services.

By default Windows Defender will update automatically.

We can open the Windows Defender graphical user interface (GUI) and select the update tab, as shown below.

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