What is validating communication

The scope and approach of this landmark survey has been presented in our overview over the rate of IT project failure. If more than one cause contributes to the failure of a project then all causes should be weighted proportionally to their respective contribution and added up.

It has been conducted among 365 IT managers from companies of various size and in various economic sectors. It is likely that this would change the global picture.

Their conclusion is, at best, partial and fragmentary and, at worse, strongly biased by their area of expertise.

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An element cannot possibly be both a cause a criteria for that cause.

Similarly, "Costs getting out of hand" are both cited as a cause (26 %) and as a key failure criterion.

"Insufficient measurable outputs" looks more like an outcome than a cause.

All the managers interviewed had previously taken the lead in integrating large systems within organizations in the Times Top 100.

For IT solutions delivered by an external supplier, the client - supplier relationship is considered as very important to the success of the project.

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