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Daniel An, who is a fascinating fellow you can read more about in our first visit to Taste Buds, managed to get himself (and Taste Bud's long red bar) installed in the attic of Antique Garden within three months.He's barely touched it (apart from the bar), so it remains decked out in miscellaneous armchairs, desks, tables, retro posters, books, coat stands and melted candles.It's dangerously close to cheesy and some people won't like it at all.Personally, I like it because it's quiet, it's a good place for a chat, oh and because the cocktails are really goddamn good.Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe triggered controversy in March when he said there was no evidence that the women had been coerced into working as prostitutes, and he said Japan would not make a further apology in reaction to the U. On The Radar is a weekly Smart Shanghai column where we profile new venues that you might like to know about. Two bars slinging inventive, inspired cocktails in some classy/nostalgic environs. FYI they also regularly saber that champagne, which is not a sexual act, but instead where they take a sword and chop the neck off the bottle. Hotel F&B management have to take courses on how to do it.First Impressions: I don't like hotel bars, really. They seem like soulless places for hurt businessmen.

The Mekong flows south from Yunnan through the infamous Golden Triangle region, where the borders of Myanmar, Laos and Thailand meet, and provides a vital trade and transportation route between southwestern China and Southeast Asia.

State media broadcast live footage of the four foreign inmates, convicted of the murder of 13 Chinese fishermen on the Mekong river in 2011, as they were taken to be put to death by lethal injection today. Liu Yuejin, head of China’s anti-drug unit, told CCTV: 'Naw Kham is apparently a Buddhist.

But his life has been dedicated to shooting, crime and murder.

The groups did not say why the study was carried out now.

The All-China Lawyers Association is the national umbrella group for government-sanctioned lawyers' groups.

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